Ocean Breeze

Shot with a circular polarizing filter about twenty minutes before the sun rose.

Sky-Stained Lake

This one was hard to process, since the treeline is not uniform (cropped out) and there's a giant black cloud reflected in the lake in the exact centre of the photo (also cropped out). However, I love the colours too much to not show this one. It's a shame the trees aren't more visible, but brining up the brightness on them would have drawn attention to the lens flare in the left of the photo.


A photo I made for my parents at their cottage.

Flower Girl

Caroline and I were patient enough to get our subject to return to her doorway and pose - not sure if she knew we were taking her photo, but we got some really cool shots. This one is m favourite, since I can't quite figure out what she's waiting for. Lots of clutter in the photo really makes it visually busy, but I think that compliments the brickwork really well.


Borrowed my friend's M4 for a photo walk and got this shot of my wife. Had a great time estimating exposures with the Sunny 16 rule.

WWDC 2012 Hyperwall. Er, Table.

Each year Apple has an elaborate setup for demoing, in real time, downloads from the app store. There are 120 iPads driving the interactive interface. As you can see, the icons are sorted by colour, which made finding the monochromatic 500px iPad app icon very difficult. I had to wait until late in the last day, after the sessions, to get a good capture with no one around.

ROM Windows


Royal Ontario Museum. Took this one last Summer. Made some touch ups to it since then.

Night Shot 2 Redone

Less post-processing work than the first capture, but I adjusted the perspective for the converging verticals. Silver Efex Pro 2 was a lot of help, and i tried to exaggerate the differences in the cement tiles on the ground. Took Tom's suggestions about "pushing it further" for selective editing and contrast.

Hotel Stairwell

This was the shadiest, creepiest hotel I've ever stayed in. I climbed to the top floor to take this photo and the elevator turned on, shaking the entire stairwell. Taken during the day - would have preferred to take this at night but it was just too creepy.

Kipling Station

First time playing with heavy post-production. While the original image was kind of cool, and a little warm, I like how this makes everything feel run down and worn in.

ROM Stairwell II

King Station

Arriving at King. King Station.

504 Broadview Stn

The Hurricane II

Crepitant Flames

Really enjoyed taking photos of the campfire during my recent vacation to New Brunswick. This is one of the best shots. It was hard to get in close enough without risking melting my equipment, as the fire had been going strong for several hours at this point. As usual, I rue my choice of f/4, as the background flames are not nearly as sharp. However, some poignant cropping helps focus your eyes on what's in focus. I used the burn tool to hide some nigh-invisible background details to focus on the flames, used Topaz DeNoise to get clean it up, and some other touch-up work in photoshop.


First shot with my new, long lens. Fun times! Departure from my normal style; didn't do any noise reduction this time to keep the flower life-like.

Autumnal Sunflower

Fringe II

I don't normally upload the same image in colour and black and white, but I had a hard time picking just one.

Hanging Around

Museum Station

My obvious attempt to honour the style of Roland Shainidze: http://500px.com/photo/6006573